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a pugs first trip to ikea.
Today’s space shared by @tylerjones92

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Beautiful details and inspiration shared by @emily_jeffords .

Thank you so very much for all of the patience as I refocus, and your continued support and input for the growth of The Workspaces.

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Today’s absolutely beautiful and inspiring workspace shared by @est_1937 .

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Welcome back to The Workspaces! Apologies for a bit of an absence but we’re back and just in time for the weekend to share a curated post with you this Friday as a reminder that workspaces are not only found during the official work week.

So excited to be featuring @hannaoliviaway of @han_made today. She’s quite the sweetheart and her creative venture is one of a kind. // I’ve been crocheting for four years now, and have had a business for about two—I tried thinking of a specific space to photograph for this project but realized that I don’t really have one place to do my work! I am working on the go most of the time: on lunch break at work, in the car to and from work, at home, at family dinner, and so on. So here is my workspace: the bag I take everywhere with me. It has 10-12 skeins of yarn in it at all times, as well as all of my crochet hooks, needles, and a pair of scissors. [Check out if you want some rad beanies and other accessories!] Don’t forget to share where you set up shop by tagging the workspaces, using #theworkspaces or sending an email to

This is the 4000th photo I’ve posted. It’s by @calebjordanlee.  Where will you be exploring this spring? #liveauthentic #livefolk

Beth Kirby